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CAT Preparation Strategy: Keep in mind while preparing

CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the most anticipated exams of a student life. The marks scored by a student in these exams often determine their future. Top notch scores guarantee a student a pathway towards ample of opportunities, thus this exam plays a crucial role in the development of a student. Through this article you will understand the CAT preparation strategy which will help to get good score in CAT exam.

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CAT Preparation Strategy

There is no shortcut to hard work but here are some strategies to keep in mind while preparing for CAT exam that can prove helpful and make the process less stressful for a student.


  • Clear your basics

This is the first part to emphasize, if the basics of a concept are not clear in your head, you will only survive until a few questions. Clear basics, rules, formulas help form a better platform to rise on while solving the difficult questions. With the help of these basics, one can easily solve the easy and mediocre level questions.

  • Focus on your fortes

A candidate must first highlight the areas that are well versed and does not require a lot of preparation. Realizing the part that is your strength automatically leaves you with the portion you need to focus and put more efforts in. This will save a lot of time and your exam preparation will be systematic. While appearing for exams keep in mind to save the questions based on your fortes first and then move on to other questions.

  • Appear for Mock Test

A lot of people wait until the week their exams will be held in to practice mock sets, that’s going to leave them stressed out. Try taking mock test every week since the moment you start preparing, this will give you a familiar feeling every time you appear the test and keep your fears regarding the D-Day at bay. Also, make sure to complete these tests in the given time slot. Eventually, during the day of the exam, your test will be completed on or before time.

  • Eat and sleep well

Yes, it is an important exam but that does not mean you end up being sick. Missing out on meals and sleep will only lead to an unfocused mind. Due to this, you will end up forgetting everything you prepared and even feel blank at exam time. This will increase your stress levels which are in no way going to help you out get good scores. So, eat and sleep well.
CAT Preparation Strategy

  • Take breaks and relax well

Studying is essential but giving yourself, some break is crucial as well. All work and no play will cause a restless mind and body. Go for a walk, spend some time watching TV, or catching up with friends or indulging in activities that make you feel relaxed is going to help you maintain focus. Maintain a balance between studies and activities to score well and be less stressed out.

These are some helpful strategies to keep in mind while preparing for CAT and can be kept in mind while preparing for other competitive exams as well.

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