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CAT Preparation Tips within limited time frame (two months)

CAT, the Common Admission Test is one of the most hyped entrance test in India. There is no reason for why this entrance test should not get the popularity it currently has. It offers admission to the 20 Indian Institute(s) of Management, and to some very famous non-IIM b-schools like FMS Delhi and SPJIMR. In this article you will understand CAT Preparation Tips which helps you to crack exam within 2 month.

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Most of the candidates spend a period of more than 6 months in preparing for it. Well, this is the ideal time to prepare for this exam, but one has to agree on the fact that CAT exam is not rocket science kind of a paper. It is a brilliant mixture of easy and moderate level questions with some difficult ones.

And usually, picking up only doable questions can lead to a healthy score in CAT. So to succeed, you need to be excellent with the easy questions, and some expertise on higher level questions.

So here comes the big question. Can CAT be cracked in 2 months? Well, the answer is Yes! With a proper strategy and consistent implementation of it can really lead you the golden 99th percentile or even more in CAT. Today, we will tell you how you can ace this wonderful exam in just 2 months. Stay with us and we will let you know how: –

We will take these two months as two phases, first phase being the first 30 days and second one being the other 30 days.

CAT Preparation Tips

Phase 1: Day 1 to Day 30

At this moment, your focus should be to grab the syllabus and complete it. Let us see how you can do it: –

Complete your basics: – Since you are starting late, your will have to complete your syllabus in a bit paced manner. For Verbal Section, ideally the syllabus should not take more than 10 days. In the current pattern, you have RCs, Parajumbles, Paragraph Summary, and Odd Sentence Out. All of these are basically your reading and comprehensing skills and should not much time. However, we recommend you to go through critical reasoning as well. If you have the time, you can go through grammar as well. However, be a bit selective about which topics you are going to do.
CAT Preparation Tips

For LRDI, again there are not much things to do. Major topics are arrangements, games and tournaments, venn diagram, logic based DI and graph/diagram based DI. The plan should be to go through all major type of sets in 15-16 days at max.You can refer some important preparation tips for LR/DI which helps you.

Quant is heavy on syllabus. We recommend you to go through Arithmetic first. It is easy and valuable as well. After this you can choose any of geometry, numbers or algebra. Keep modern mathematics as the last chapter to be done. The syllabus is huge and can even eat up whole of your first phase, so don’t worry about that. Just make sure that you are grasping the concepts properly.

Volume of Practice that you need: – Your focus is on completing the syllabus but that does not mean that you do not need to solve any questions in this phase. You should be solving the easy-mid level questions or sample papers of all the three subjects and this is how you can actually grasp the concepts. We recommend you to solve at least 3 RCs, 10 Verbal Ability Questions, 2 sets of DI and LR each and 20 QA questions. Remember that these are ‘at least’ type numbers, if you have the time, you can solve even more.


Make concise notes: – There emerges a thought in mind that since I have less time, I should not make notes. But being honest, this is not the right way to go. At least for QA, you must make notes. However, you have to a bit judicial while making notes and manage your time as well. Note down only relevant formulae and rules, and don’t just keep on writing everything. These notes will be highly useful in the second phase.

Number of mocks you need: – Mock test are very important to make yourself prepared for CAT, both mentally and physically. We recommend you to take 4 mocks in these 30 days, or 5 at best. After taking the mock, do spend a lot of time in analyzing those mocks as well. See how well you are performing the areas that you have completed, and ignore those that you have not. Do not get de-motivated by low scores.

Also, do not expect astronomical scores as well. By expecting high scores, you are doing injustice to yourself, as you have not even completed the syllabus as yet and also don’t have any practice under your belt. Just appear in mocks so as to check your progress and to make yourself ready for the exam.

Phase 2: Day 31 to Day 60

This phase is all about some rigorous practice. Let us see what you need to do in this phase: –

Get ready for some high-volume practice: – After completion of your syllabus, the only thing that is left is practice. You will need to do a lot of practice and this is the only way you can succeed. For this phase, target 5 RCs, 15-20 VA questions, 5 sets each of DI and LR  and 50 QA questions. This might sound a lot but you just have to do it. And again, if you have the time, you can go for more as well.

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Take Mocks: – The best method of practice is taking mocks. Mocks not just give you high quality questions to solve, but they also enable you to practice in the manner exactly similar to the paper itself. Take a mock every alternate day and analyze it the same day. Also, take them as seriously as you would take CAT. Try to improve with every mock.

Solve past year papers: – Past year papers are the best source of practice. These contain the relevant questions that you actually might get to see in CAT 2018. Solving past year papers also helps you gauge the level of difficulty of the paper and can eventually raise your confidence level highly.

Revise your syllabus: – Although you have just completed your syllabus recently, but going for a revision will still be useful. During your heavy practice, you sometimes forget the basic rules or approaches which you should not. So therefore, try to have at least 1 revision of whole syllabus before the last week.

General tip to be remembered during preparation

60 days are enough to crack CAT, but you also know that you can not waste any time now. So during your preparation, stay away from distractions like movies, tv shows and social networking.

Also, try to avoid health issues in these days. 30 minutes of walk/exercise can really help you to stay energized for these 2 months. Avoid junk food.

With proper execution of the tips mentioned above, you can definitely crack CAT.

We wish you all the best for your CAT 2018.

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