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Comparison Between Top Two B-Schools: IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore

CAT 2018 was conducted successfully on Nov 25, 2018 by IIM Calcutta. Well several lakh management aspirants compete for admission to top management universities via CAT. For a long time now, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore have been rivalled each other for the top spot in the rankings for management institutes in the country.

Well knowing the eligibility criteria and admission procedure is key to making the selection between these two stalwarts. Here, we will be focusing upon several aspects to draw the comparison between IIM A and IIM B.

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Apart from the expectations, admission criteria in IIM Ahmedabad (IIM A) is slightly easier than that of IIM Bangalore (IIM B). Although both the institutes would be selecting the best from the lot, CAT percentile required by IIM Bangalore is way higher than IIM Ahmedabad.

While each aspirant desperately waits for the answer key and result, here we will be drawing upon the major highlights of the top two management schools in order to provide a better insight.

Key Highlights for IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahmedabad

Criteria IIM Bangalore IIM Ahmedabad
Percentile Cut Off in CAT 2018 80 percentile for General Category, 70 for SC, 65 for ST/NC/OBC, 75 for Transgender, 70 for PWD and 60 for PWD SC More than 90 percentile for General category, 80 for NC/OBC, 75 for SC, 70 for ST, 60 for PWD
Teacher Student Ratio 1:11 1:11
Engineering Graduates %age 67 percent 66 percent (for 2017 batch)
Female Student Ratio 27 percent 28 percent
Average Salary (Domestic) INR 21.08 Lakhs per annum INR 22.76 Lakhs per annum
Average Salary (International) $61. 048 (approx 42.52 lakhs) INR 52.20 lakhs

Note: It is to be noted here that the average salary denotes the minimum amount (salary) which a student would receive when placed. However, individual CTC will vary for every student. Also, the average mentioned above is based on the previous year’s data.

Foreign Exchange Programs

Both the IIMs offer students exchange program of 3 months (trimester) duration. This can be a decisive factor in taking the final call. IIM B has more options in terms of Ivy League Schools and top universities in Europe, North America and Australia. Since, foreign universities consider CGPA for the exchange program, more number of options will be always advantageous.

IIM Bangalore: Booth School Of Business, Yale School Of Management,UCLA Anderson School of Management, Johnson Cornell, Australian School of Business, Stern School of Business, London Business School, Fuqua School of Business,  Melbourne Business School, University of NSW.

IIM Ahmedabad: Australian Graduate School of Management,UCLA Anderson School Of Management, Booth School Of Business, Melbourne Business School, Stern School Of Business,  Columbia Business School, McGill University.

Courses Structure and Choice of Electives

In terms of overall course structure, IIM A has completely case study based course structure while IIM B follows a mixed pedagogy (Lectures+Cases+Seminars). While many students prefer IIM A’s case based study structure, there will be always subjects where understanding theoretical concepts and fundamentals before applying them allows for better knowledge transfer.

In terms of providing choice of electives, IIM B is much more flexible. It is the only IIM to provide 3 electives in first year. IIM B’s second year curriculum is completely elective based while IIM A still has a few compulsory subjects in second year of MBA. Electives in first year allow students to complete 3 courses in which they will be subsequently completing their internships.

Brand Value and Alumni Network

IIM Ahmedabad definitely scores better on the brand value. IIM A evokes a much higher impression in public minds than IIM B thanks to media coverage in recent years.

The alumni network is also far organized and strong for IIM A than IIM Bangalore. However, not to forget that IIM Bangalore is located in the startup hub of the nation. Although not many IIM graduates begin their career with a startup, the vibrant ecosystem offered by the startups is great boost for young graduates.

Over the years, both IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore have created top professionals with utmost expertise in their fields. There are times when several students even after securing 99 percentile couldn’t make it to these institutes due to the strenuous admission process.

However, as always, there would still be those shining stars in who will be having a choice between these two. This article will surely solve the purpose of guiding such brilliant minds for making a wise decision.

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