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IIM Calcutta Mentorship Programme 2019: Know Complete Details

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta is a renowned name in management education that rarely needs any introduction. IIM Calcutta in all probability is likely to feature in the wishlist of most management aspirants.

For IIM Calcutta aspirants, we have bought an insight into an exciting student facilitation program at IIT Calcutta. The IIM Calcutta Mentorship program is one unique and effective initiative of the institute for its first-year students.

The IIM Calcutta Mentorship Programme provides that necessary mentorship to the newly inducted candidates in a comprehensive manner. As a part of the Mentorship Programme, second years students at IIM Calcutta would be providing guidance and assistance to first years students in regards to various aspects from admissions to placement.

IIM Calcutta Mentorship Programme has been one of the most praised initiatives among IIM’s in terms of creation of student-friendly and co-operative environment at the campus. So, if you were eyeing to join IIM Calcutta after announcement of CAT Results then there are certainly exciting things in face of the IIM Calcutta Mentorship programme that are awaiting you.

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Pre-joining Assistance

As a part of IIM Calcutta mentorship programme, pre-joining assistance is extended to the students are to join the college for the upcoming academic session. The program starts after the declaration of CAT result each year and concludes after the end of the admission process at IIM Calcutta.

Those candidates who get a call from IIM Calcutta (based on their performance in CAT 2018) are allotted mentors to assist them with preparations for GD, Interview round and pre-admission formalities.

Mentors are second-year students at IIM Calcutta who are having a similar background as that of the aspiring candidate so, as to understand the queries of the candidate and help him in a wholesome and holistic manner.

The program is a good mechanism for creating a bond between the seniors and new joiners and facilitates a cordial relationship amongst the students in the campus.

IIM Calcutta Mentorship Programme

Information Distribution

The mentorship programme at IIM Calcutta acts as an effective channel for dissipation of relevant information among new students. The students are included in a common group managed by mentors. Mentors provide the necessary information and assistance to this group of new joiners from time to time.

The new joiners are free to ask any query that they might be having form their respective mentors (as a part of the group) and the mentors respond to that with necessary assistance in face of relevant information.

Placement Related Support

Placements and training is an essential element of life at business school. The case is no different at IIM Calcutta. The mentorship programme of IIM Calcutta provides that necessary placement assistance to the first year’s students apart for aiding them out with pre-joining preparations and admission formalities.

Based on the ethos of the culture of shared information the mentorship programme prepares the candidates for placement drives. From CV making to GD and Interview preparations (as a part of placement assessment) first-year students are trained and guided in all regards by their seniors.

The program works on the voluntarism mechanism whereby the seniors voluntary come forward to guide and assist their first-year juniors. In spite of Voluntarism, the mentorship programme has witnessed enthusiastic and extraordinary participation of second-year students over the years.

Entrepreneurship Cell

Apart from the mentorship programme, there is another exciting initiative that IIM Calcutta has undertaken. The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at IIM Calcutta works as a promoter or entrepreneur culture among students.

The E-Cell at IIM Calcutta is not only supporting its own students but is providing necessary support to start-ups from across the state of West Bengal and India. The E-Cell at IIM Calcutta operates under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The E-cell at IIM Calcutta was started as a result of the emerging wave of start-ups and entrepreneurship culture that India has witnessed (and is witnessing). Over the years the E-Cell has helped incubate over 30 start-ups and has lead the way for many innovative and creative idea to take the center stage. The E-Cell is open for start-ups from across the country.

The E-cell along with the mentorship programme are two flagship initiative of IIM Calcutta that are benefitting the students.

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