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With a week to go, Ace CAT 2018 with These Tips

CAT exam is now just a week away. Tension must be piling up while stray thoughts run havoc in your minds. But, we believe now is the crucial time for that one final push that can increase your percentiles considerably. There is one underlying assumption for this article. That assumption is that you have given your all till now and have been studying extensively to score well in CAT.

The thought of failure must be making you nervous about lack of effort in getting desired result. The key is to stay focused while working with some tried and tested strategies used by students in previous editions of CAT. Here are some tips for CAT aspirants to follow the penultimate week before exam.


Level of difficulty

As the exam approaches, the main concern is about the difficulty of the paper. CAT exam is known to have some tricky questions which can upset the students. But that will happen ‘during’ the exam. That is why it is better to focus on your preparation rather than thinking about the paper.

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There are always rumors circulating about the difficulty of paper, but the actual exam will always be different than these rumors. That is why focus on things that are under your control, which is your preparation.

There are no ‘important topics’

Right from an early age, we have been taught to only prepare the main or the important topics which are asked in the exam. This has led us to believe that in all the exams, there are some important topics which will be repeatedly asked every time.

But with CAT this is not the case. CAT exam is known to be unpredictable.  Therefore, in this exam, there are no ‘important topics’. Be prepared for any twist and revise all the topics properly.

Focus on Non-negative Questions

Non-negative or generally known as the TITA (Type in The Answer) questions are very common CAT examination. Out of the total, 100 questions asked, 30 questions are TITA questions. These questions do not have options and there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

Thus, experts and toppers believe that you should attempt all the TITA questions. Further, in these questions, there are no options so it will take time for you to solve these questions. So, in the last week try and focus more on these type of questions.

Mock tests

The best preparation for CAT is to prepare through mock tests. But going overboard with mock test can backfire, particularly in the last week of the exam. It is important for you to give the mock tests and score in it. But on the other hand, in the last week, you cannot analyze all the mock tests you are giving.

That is why it is better to simply revisit the previous mock tests and pick up the mistakes you have made. Make note of the things and revise it daily so that on the day of the exam you are fully prepared.

There is never one strategy to crack the CAT exam. But one needs to be calm and composed in order to give their best during the exams.

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