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Preparation Strategy To Crack CAT Exam within 100 Days

Preparing for CAT exam within 100 days is not at all impossible. If you make a rigorous and planned study schedule, you could enter into top IIM’s of this country and this could be a life changing moment for you. Though this will not be an easy journey, all depends on what kind of preparations you go with for your paper.

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One has to let go weekends, holiday’s relaxation for 100 days and concentrate entirely towards studies. Once you get a call letter after putting in so much efforts, you will surely cherish this 100 day study period and become an example for others. In this article you will understand the CAT 100 days preparation strategy to crack the exam. It will help you surely.

Step by Step Preparation plan:

Main focus should be getting high scores in each and every section in CAT Exam. Why this is important because you have to clear sectional cut-off’s to get an IIM call, otherwise even with a 99 percentile in the CAT you can expect to be called by top IIM’s.

Keep the syllabus handy. Strike off the topic which you have done from the syllabus, then proceed further. Each topic given in the syllabus is important. By going through the entire syllabus once, you will be able to identify your weak and strong areas. You have to be well equipped to tackle questions from your weak areas as well. For this study regularly the topics in which you are weak, you cannot assume any questions coming from such topics.Solving mock CAT papers. You have to solve several such papers to get a practice of timing yourself. This will also judge your level of preparation. Move to solving past year CAT papers as well.
Cat 100 days preparation strategy

Preparation Strategy To Crack CAT Exam within 100 Days

The points mentioned above have to be well distributed within 100 days. Follow the pattern below and break your preparations into 100 days likewise:

Phase 1: Prep (65 days)

This phase requires extensive amount of CAT study material to be with you. Questions which could be asked in the CAT exam will be provided in this material. It will be a set of different books and question papers. Solving questions will not only prepare you for exam but you will be able to analyze you studies. After that work on areas where you feel you require more attention.

To be more systematic, you can prepare an excel sheet to track your preparations. Put points in the excel like number of questions solved in the week, how many correct and wrong answers, note down important formulae related to questions solved also note down your strength and weakness. This excel sheet will keep you on track for your preparations and would act like a mirror giving information about your level of preparation.

Give time to all the sections. For example if you start your day with quant and study it for 3 hours, then followed by practicing minimum 4 sets of DI and LR later in the day. Again next day start your day with Verbal Ability followed by practicing 4 sets of DI and LR. In this way you will distribute your time to all sections rather than just focusing on one.

Making notes of formulae and tricks is important as you come across them in your studies.

At any time you start to feel that the subject is becoming monotonous, switch to another section or take a short break.


If you follow the above plan you should ideally have 30 days for Quant, 30 days for Verbal ability and an average of 30 days overlap for DI and LR.

Phase 2: Mock (30 Days)

Taking Mock tests is compulsory to make your CAT exam preparation thoroughly. A CAT candidate should at least solve 20 mock sets before appearing for the exam. Idea behind taking mock is to give the aspirants a fell of the main exam before actually facing it. This will also time your speed and accuracy which is the most important factor to clear cut off

Two golden rules should always be remembered while taking Mock tests:

Complete a Mock test every alternate day and do an analysis of the test on the same day.

Analysis of the mock is important as it highlights your strengths and weaknesses, teaches you time management and helps you develop your own strategy to attempt mock test. Get your mock tests from tested sources. Do a little research beforehand to know which the best mock tests for CAT preparation are. You can also give mock tests online as there are many good free and paid websites taking mock tests. In this way you will be able to compare your performance with other aspirants as well.

There can be no guarantee to success.

You should try out different strategies for upgrading your preparations and see which one works out in your advantage. The best suited strategy should be used for the last 5-6 mocks that you practice, which will ultimately give you the confidence to go forward with that strategy in the actual CAT exam. You should take the mock test by being in sync with the admit card’s timeline. This will help your body and mind perform better in the actual exam. Switch to plan B is plan A fails.

Phase 3: Revise (4 Days)

In the last four days, revise all the mocks, important formulae and questions bookmarked. Do not start a new topic in these days as it will just pile on more confusion. Keep this time only for revision. Be calm and do not overburden yourself with long study hours.

Be relaxed on the exam day. Your brain has to perform well at the Day so it has to be given adequate rest. For this take ample rest and a good sleep before the paper, this will make you wake up fresh. Read the paper calmly and give your 100 % in the paper. Do not panic if you find a question which you have not prepared. Skip to next questions. Finish your paper on time and wait for your results !

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