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Check here admission criteria: IIMs Selection Process

A large number of candidates in these days aim to join the renowned Indian Institutes of Management which are present at various locations across India. However, this is a fact that getting into the Indian Institutes of Management is not at all easy from any aspect. This is because the IIM authorities are wise enough to maintain their long-lasting reputation, this is why they prefer to take only meritorious students into their institute.In this article, the student will know about the criteria for the selection process of CAT. 

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It is a well-known fact that the various IIMs have a different particular ranking of their own and if we consider the case of the top-ranked IIMs such as IIM Ahmedabad, they focus on their screening process in a different manner. 

The dream of Getting into IIMs:

It has been observed that the various IIMs focus on various aspects of the required candidates. For example, some IIMs focus on the percentile obtained in the CAT examination while the others focus on the academic strength of the student and their questions are more conceptual in every aspect. However, it is an obvious fact that grabbing the opportunity to study in one of the IIMs is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What is the selection process for the IIMs?

Several IIMs have certain criteria for their admissions and in many of the cases, it has been observed that these criteria are entirely different from each other. In a generalized manner, a common flow is maintained with respect to the admissions in the IIMs. According to resources, there are a few basic parameters which determine the probabilities of a candidate for their admissions into the IIMs.

These four categories are given below in details:

The CAT Score:

As we all know, the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) examination consists of a few important sections, whose marks are solely responsible for the screening of a candidate. These sections are Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and it is expected that a candidate should secure a minimum percentile of 80 in the overall section, a percentile of 80 in the individual sections is obviously a more desirable state.

However, there is a subsequent relaxation in case of the candidates of the reserved quota but if we follow the trend of CAT percentiles, it can be observed that a large number of candidates secure 100 percentile these days, so there is enough competition in this sector.

Apart from the CAT percentiles, some top IIMs also consider the candidates’ performance in the Bachelor’s degree as well the 10th as well as the  12th standards. The scores of these standards are categorized and according to these categories, the candidate is tested.

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The Written Ability Test:

Several IIMs have started to conduct this Written Ability Test to understand the quality of the students who appear in their screening process. Usually, in this test, the candidates are made to write about a given topic and through this mechanism, the authorities can judge and analyze the logic and creativity of the candidates. Usually, the test duration is for 15 to 30 minutes and the prescribed word limit for the examination is 300+ in the most generalized manner, however, there can be deviations made by the IIMs.

Group Discussions:

In these days, it has been observed that the Group Discussions are being replaced by the Written Ability Tests. However, some of the IIMs continue to conduct Group Discussions to analyze their candidates. The pattern of the same is usually decided by the authorities, so it is better to be prepared for the GDs to impress the recruiters.

Personal Interview:

Personal Interview is perhaps the most tricky zone of the entire selection process. These interviews can be either structured or unstructured depending upon the members who form the board of interviewers. Generally, the top IIM faculties or sometimes the alumni are chosen for the interviewers and the questions they ask are always interlinked and based on a relevant topic.

This is a fact that one can never get fully prepared for the IIM interviews as the whole matter is a volatile event which can act in favor of the candidate or against them. So, it is better to be patient for the interview to avoid any stress attacks. It is advised that one should appear at their level best in front of the interviewers because it is easy for them to distinguish between reality and fake.

In most of the cases, it has been observed that the candidates have to face a stress interview which is conducted by the interviewers. The candidates need to be prepared for this kind of interviews as these type of interviews are specifically designed to grill them in every possible manner. One can ask for tips from the former students, it is better to gather knowledge from the social media platforms as well.

The above-mentioned procedure describes the generalized pattern of selection for the IIMs but it is a fact that several IIMs have incorporated their own policies and methods to make the process convenient for themselves. Every human being has a different perspective of quality analysis and this is why every IIM has also adopted various methods to analyze their aspirants. If we consider all the criteria, there are a lot of candidates who secure almost 100 percentile and it is obvious that their academic backgrounds are also very eminent. From this, we can understand that the top IIMs receive a lot of applications which they need to test properly before providing them with the honor of candidature.

It has been observed that apart from the freshers, a large number of aspirants are associated with job life, this reflects their dedication and balance to maintain multiple operations at the same time. Thus IIMs receive a blend of several types of application and the people who are shortlisted are indeed lucky. People say that the selection process for the top IIMs is quite tricky and not everyone can succeed in their attempts, but they should also consider the fact that from these stages of analysis and examination, they can get prepared for the unseen challenges in their upcoming life.

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