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Check here admission criteria: IIMs Selection Process

A large number of candidates in these days aim to join the renowned Indian Institutes of Management which are present at various locations across India. However, this is a fact that getting into the Indian Institutes of Management is not at all easy from any aspect. This is because the IIM authorities are wise enough to maintain their long-lasting reputation, this is why they prefer to take only meritorious students into their institute.In this article, the student will know about the criteria for the selection process of CAT. 

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It is a well-known fact that the various IIMs have a different particular ranking of their own and if we consider the case of the top-ranked IIMs such as IIM Ahmedabad, they focus on their screening process in a different manner. 

The dream of Getting into IIMs:

It has been observed that the various IIMs focus on various aspects of the required candidates. For example, some IIMs focus on the percentile obtained in the CAT examination while the others focus on the academic strength of the student and their questions are more conceptual in every aspect. However, it is an obvious fact that grabbing the opportunity to study in one of the IIMs is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What is the selection process for the IIMs?

Several IIMs have certain criteria for their admissions and in many of the cases, it has been observed that these criteria are entirely different from each other. In a generalized manner, a common flow is maintained with respect to the admissions in the IIMs. According to resources, there are a few basic parameters which determine the probabilities of a candidate for their admissions into the IIMs. (more…)